Sunday, September 26, 2010

Frontier Ruckus - Deadmalls & Nightfalls

2010 release from Michigan's premiere folk group.
Matthew Milia's vocals and lyrics are among the best of our generation.
Matter of fact the whole band is pure genious.

Enjoy: Deadmalls & Nightfalls

Monday, September 6, 2010

Discharge Installment #2

Best punk release EVER.

Download: Realities of War

Evan Harris and the Driftwood Motion

Well here's a curve ball in the posts I have been making.

I found it funny that the band was named after the guy, and as I remember through the blurred drunk and stoned night, the Girl sang more songs than he did. And what sucks about that is that the girl was annoying and overbearing in the mix at the show. Sorry, Dear. You didn't harmonize well with him (In my opinion of course). But as for the track on the disc on which she sings, I do not mind it. Weird how that works.

So, as i talk shit about this band on the internet you probably think I wouldn't recommend this to you. I do though. Evan has that low raspy voice reminiscent of Blake Schwarzenbach (Jawbreaker) with a fairly good amount of Folk twang in there. If you like folk these are a couple tracks to indulge upon.

Download: Thick Dicks & Harder Boners
(aka: Thick Sticks & Harder Stones)