Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jerry's Kids

Do you like Minor Threat? Well, forget about 'em!
This is Jerry's Kids.
Punk. Hardcore. Boston. 1980's.

The Unreleased 7" is the better album. They Also Have a 7" "Torn Apart/Spymaster" that I'm not going post . And an album called "Kill Kill Kill" that I've yet to hear.

"This Album is a previously unreleased 7" by Jerry's Kids. They recorded it 1982 in Boston and some Songs on this E.P. were never relaesed 'til today.The last Song, which is called Circus was never produced 'til the end, the Song was cut off in the middle, so enjoy this really rare piece of Hardcore Punk History." - Bloodjunkies Blogspot

Download: Unreleased 7"

Their bassist and original vocalist's brother took over vocal duties after their first Demo

Download: Is This My World?


Monday, December 14, 2009

Rotten Reason

Favorite Cleveland band as of right now.
Young. Fast. Pissed. Punk.

Download: Movements

Rise and Fall

Can't believe I haven't posted this yet. First time I saw these guys was probably the best show I've ever been too in retrospect. Have Heart, Rise and Fall, Meltdown Someone else I'm forgetting too.

Either who, Rise and Fall. Belgium. Metallic Hardcore. Every Album is a Necessity.

Download: Hellmouth

Download: Into Oblivion

Download - Our Circle is Vicious


Straight Edge Powerviolence.
I don't know if this band knew they were gonna be this good or not. They're on every fucking blog i see! So here's my contribution, fucking listen up!

Download: Vaccine - Demo

Right Away, Great Captain

What a fucking dumb name, But the Dude Jams.
Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra's side project.
Indie Kiddish, Folk, Acoustic,
Reminds me of Connor Oberst mixed with Matthew Milla (Frontier Ruckus)maybe a litte Lovedrug too.

Anyhow, all his albums are concept albums of a 17th century sailor's journal entries. 2 albums. Enjoy.

Download: The Bitter End

Download: The Eventually Home

Sunday, December 13, 2009

For the evil ones.


Depressive. Black. 1 Guy. Germany.

Download: Wigrid - Hoffnungstod


Raw. Black. 1 Guy. Kentucky.

Download: Sapthuran - Heralding the New Song of Ruin